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Drop-In Classes

The foundation of AVA Dance Company is our weekly drop-in classes that offer a welcoming, inclusive environment for adult dancers (18+) to share their passion for dance. We offer four or more one-hour classes every week in various styles and our classes are taught by current or former industry professionals (many who have danced in the NFL and NBA).  

Our schedule is updated monthly and can be found on our website, booking app, and Instagram. We welcome dancers of all backgrounds to our classes and strive to be a safe environment for our community! 

Want to check out more videos from our classes? Head to our YouTube page where you can view them!  

Class Styles

AVA Dance Company offers a variety of class styles so that all dancers can find something that suits them! A standard, one hour studio class will typically include: stretching, conditioning, warm-ups, and learning a combination of choreography. Our Jazz, Street Jazz, Contemporary and Technique classes may also have dancers go across the floor.

Classes are often taught at an intermediate pace. Instructors can offer modifications to choreography to best suit your level and will answer any and all questions throughout class!

Hip Hop

Hip Hop often incorporates loose or structured, upbeat and energetic movement set to popular music. While most of our hip hop classes have a pro-style or industry influence, we do sometimes offer sensual hip hop (this will be noted in the class description).

Street Jazz

Street Jazz is described as a blend of hip hop and jazz styles that often have a sassy attitude. Choreography will often feature grounded motions mixed with technical elements such as a leap, kick, or turn. Most dancers take this class wearing sneakers.


This type of dancing is energetic and fun, consisting of unique, often sassy movement and technical elements such as leaps, turns and kicks. Expect clean lines and a mix of both sharp and fluid choreography in this class! Most dancers take this class either wearing jazz shoes, socks or barefoot. 


Contemporary is a more relaxed, expressive style of dancing that allows for more fluid, graceful movement rather than structured steps, as in traditional ballet dancing.  It combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Most dancers take this class either wearing socks or barefoot.


Our technique classes will bring you back to the basics! Re-root a variety of your turns, leaps, and jumps with one of our professional instructors. In addition to breaking down the motion of a skill, you will also receive tips for how to improve outside of the studio. Most dancers take this class either wearing jazz shoes, socks or barefoot. 


Pom is a dynamic style that blends strong, precise arm placements typically seen in cheerleading with street jazz/hip hop choreography and technical skills. Dancers often learn the choreography and perform with physical poms, which emphasize the motions. If you have poms, you're encouraged to bring them to class! If you don't have them, we have a few pair that you can borrow! Most dancers take this class wearing sneakers.


Get ready to join the ensemble! The soundtrack to this class could be a nod to either a classic or modern musical theater production and will incorporate jazz technique with stylistic influences of Broadway. It emphasizes storytelling through movement, sharp lines, musicality, and performance quality. Most dancers take this class either wearing jazz shoes, socks or barefoot. 

Mommy + Me

Calling all moms who are looking for a unique opportunity to bond with their baby, this is the class for you! This class will include 40 minutes of dancing & moving and conclude with 20 minutes of mommy and baby socializing in the studio. Babies who can fit in a carrier and toddlers who can follow along with steps are welcome to join!


Heels class infuses sultry movements with a street jazz style of movement, which will leave you feeling strong, sexy, and empowered! Floor work is common in this style of dance.

Looking for advice on what type of heel you should bring to class? We suggest a shoe that has support around your ankle and an open toe for maximum mobility. The height of the heel should be something that you are comfortable with! Note: while heels are encouraged, they are not required for this class! 

Street Jazz
and Hip Hop

Sensual Street Jazz and Sensual Hip Hop have similar sensuality and feminine tones as a heels class, but without wearing the shoe! This choreography will have you feeling sexy and empowered with the comfort of being flat foot. 

Specialty Classes & Series

Specialty Classes

AVA Dance Company will occasionally offer specialty classes and series for dancers who are searching for a longer learning opportunity. Stay tuned to our Instagram for when the below (or new specialty classes) become available!

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